A Cry of Freedom

freedom for syria
It’s 6:30 am, I’m sitting alone in the living room while the residents of the household are all asleep. Early morning rays are shyly peeking in from between the closed curtains, it is...


What is happening in Syria?

  Introduction What Syria has been witnessing since last March is unprecedented. It is the most courageous uprising in Syria’s modern history. Whatever the criticisms about this revolution in...


Al-Tal City, and Beyond

Mohamad Omran
Razan Ghazzawi   “He was a 17 year-old activist from Daraa. He had a little motorcycle which he used to go from town to town. He carried his USB memory sticks with videos to be uploaded. He was...


A child wounded and in trauma from...

syria child
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A Grave for the Children of the...

A Grave for the Children of the Massacre
  Those kids who were killed today, bury them all in one grave. They will get to know each other quicker. They will become friends, and they will play together. Bury their toys with them. Kids...

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